Databases are designed from scratch to meet all your requirements. A proper business analysis will be made of your organisation and business processes to determine exact requirements taking into consideration any future plans and directions your company is moving in. This might even be used as an add-on to existing databases, financial and/or production and management systems. Databases are designed with customised user interfaces for ease of use, including user-friendly and customised menu-driven screens.

Requirements / uses include:
  • A management system keeping track of any process / product in your organisation;
  • Stock, product or serial number tracking;
  • Separate or additional sales / purchases systems (detailed);
  • Club enthusiasts' records, photos and other sharing requirements (can be extended to include web-based functionality);
  • Employment records;
  • Customer surveys and questionnaires;
  • Database for web site records, including customer base, etc.
  • Directory, library or catalogue of books, CD's / DVD's;
  • Catalogue information to keep track of virtually any information / database;
  • Almost any other use that can be thought of (REMEMBER: IF YOU CAN THINK IT, WE CAN DO IT)
Database platforms include:
  • MS SQL Server (up to and including 2008);
  • MS Access (up to and including Office 2010);
  • C/ISAM, Pervasive/SQL, MySQL; and
  • Oracle, Sybase and IBM database systems done on request.

We do customisations and menus in applications such as Microsoft Excel and many more!

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